We all know the importance of keeping a clean house for ourselves and our families.  A clean home gives a nice peaceful sensation and is pleasant to the senses.  It is a good feeling to open up our closets, gather up some plastic bags, and happily start making room for the new while we give away the old.  Anyone that has ever performed this closet cleaning ritual knows what I’m talking about when I say it is a LIBERATING FEELING.  You feel like a weight is being lifted off your shoulders and guess what? IT IS!

Any time that we get rid of things we no longer use or that no longer serve us we are opening ourselves to welcoming new things into our life.  We are actually telling the universe we are ready for “new” stuff.  It is amazing how well that works.  But here’s even better news.  Not only does this Cleaning work for material “stuff” it works for Spiritual “stuff” as well.

First thing we need to do is take an honest inventory of all the Spiritual stuff we’ve been carrying around for a long time.  Does it still serve us?  How about that anger we felt when an old boss fired us from our job?  We may now have a much better job yet, we still feel that familiar pang of anger whenever we think about it.  Same thing may apply to Ex-partners, co-workers, ex-friends and the list can go on forever.

Here’s what I propose - clean all that negative energy out of your life so that new, positive energy can flow through.  Get rid of old grievances that no longer serve you so that new friends can come through and new relationships can be started.  It can be as easy as cleaning out a closet and a lot more fun and beneficial. 

With that in mind, I bring you my new, fresh, SPIRITUAL CLEANING RITUAL - Do it with faith and don’t forget to have fun!

This ritual should be perfomed for a week (7 consecutive days) starting on a Sunday and ending on a Saturday.  I also recommend you do it each day at the same time.  Start by gathering the following ingredients:


  • Red Candle to get rid of old resentments (Burn on Sunday)
  • Green Candle to inspire faith and hope and open roads (Burn on Monday)
  • Black Candle to bury the old (Burn on Tuesday)
  • White candle to Welcome the new (Burn on Wednesday)
  • Blue Candle for Peace and Well being (Burn on Thursday)
  • Yellow Candle for luck and Prosperity (Burn on Friday)
  • Orange Candle for Intuition and Clarity (Burn on Saturday)
  • Stick Incense (7 day kind) or if you prefer Granular Incense (my favorite) Lavender (Burn on Sunday and Thursday), Rose (Burn on Monday and Wednesday), Mint (Burn on Friday), Cinnamon (Burn on Saturday)
  • Multiple color papers (You can use the multiple color post it notes that are sold in various office supply stores)
  • Florida Water, Blue Squares, Camphor - Boil the Blue Squares in 8 oz of water, Dissolve the Camphor in the blue water.  Mix Florida Water, Blue Water in 8 oz of clear water.  This mixture will be used over the 7 day period.  Place it in a glass jar with a cover.

Now start the work.  Each day of the week, starting on a Sunday you will do the following:

  1. Light the candle color that corresponds to each day of the week as stated above.
  2. Light the incense that corresponds to each day of the week.
  3. Take 7 SMALL sheets of paper (I recommend the square post it notes you can buy at any office supply store) one for each day and in each one write down things you want to get rid off.  Be specific.  For example you may want to say “I choose to stop resenting my ex-husband for cheating on me”.  Be honest.  Don’t leave anything out.  Fold the sheet of  paper sideways so that you can hold one end with a pair of twissors. Then, burn the paper in the candle flame (hold the paper with a pair of twissor to avoid burning yourself) repeating this affirmation: “Today I let go of old fears, resentments and anger.  I replace these feelings with Forgiveness, Love and Happiness”.
  4. When the paper is almost consumed, put it out by placing it in the jar  you prepared with the blue water mixture while repeating this affirmation: “I’ve burnt away all fears, resentments and anger now I wash it all away so that not even the ashes remain.”
  5. When the incense is consumed, place the ashes in the blue water mixture repeating the affirmation above one more time.
  6. On the 7 day take the blue water mixture where you have put the remains and ashes of all the papers you have burnt and throw it out the door repeating this affirmation: “With a clean heart and a renewed spirit I am ready to receive the blessings of this new season.”

Let me know how this little Spring Cleaning ritual works for you my dear friends.  Remember that everything we do with love makes us better, happier human beings.  Many blessings to you and yours!

Spiritual cleaning to get rid of negative energy and attract peace, luck and...
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