All you need to cast a Spell to Bring Fast  Money to your home at a Great price.  We make it as easy as 1,2,3...

Todo lo que usted necesita para hacer su hechizo de dinero rapido con grandes ahorros.  Nuestras instrucciones lo hacen tan facil como 1,2,3...

1. Select one ingredient form each of the categories belowEscoja un ingrediente de cada una de las categorias:

2. You will work this spell for 7 consecutive days starting on the first new moon of the month.

  • Prepare an altar in a private place where you can work without being disturbed.  Place your candle in the center of a white ceramic plain.  Place a pinch of precipitado powder on the plate, a scoop of gold glitter and pinch of the Power Powder of your choice.
  • Dig the amulet into the candle as close to the glass as possible.
  • Prepare your herbal bath by following the instructions in the envelope.  Add a scoop of the Salt crystal
  • Light the candle and when it starts to melt pour a few drops of the oil into the melted sperm.
  • Place the Charcoal in a metal container and light it.  When the Charcoal is ready (white ashes form at the top) sprinkle it with incense. Use only enough to make the incense last 7 days.
  • Go around your house with the incense repeating this magic mantra 3 times: Money comes money goes.  I am the channel through which it flows.  make sure you open closets and drawers so that everything gets a whiff of the incense.
  • Come back to the candle and put a pinch of the money powder, a pinch of the gold powder and a pinch of precipitado. Repeat the magic mantra 3 more times.
  • Take a bath with the money soap and then rinse off with the liquid you have prepared.  Read the Prayer in the back of the herbal envelope as you sprinkle the liquid on yourself.
  • When you are finish, annoint yourself with the oil of your choice and spray the Money Drawing Spray in your house and automobile repeating the Magic Mantra.

 3.  After you are finished you will collect all the ashes from the candle, the incense and store it away in a small metal box that you will keep in a special place.  You will repeat this spell for 7 days.  The last day you will remove the amulet from the candle and place it in your wallet.  You will anoint it with oils often and repeat the magic mantra.  We wish you FAST MONEY BLESSINGS!

Botanica, Santeria, Spiritual Oils, Candles, Incense, Baths for Fast Money Blessings...
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