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His perfect physical beauty represents virility.  He was blessed from birth with the intuition required for divination.  His name in Yoruba means war.  Chango is one of the most popular Orichas.  He is the king of fertility, wealthy, fun, wise, loves music but he is also irritable.  Chango is the God of thunder and lightning. 

In one of the stories that surrounds Chango he went to war disguised as Oya his lover.  Oya came out to fight next to him and proclaimed that “Chango and Oya together would always be invincible.”  It is believed that is how the syncretism with Saint Barbara was born.


Chango had many lovers and many problems because of their constant fighting and jealousy.  Having been crowned King of the Earth by his father Obatala he also had many enemies.  One day Chango tired of it all and went to the forest looking for refuge and peace.  His lovers and enemies looked for him in vain and believed he had died but Chango in his wisdom proclaimed, “I’m not dead and never will be but now that my wives think I’m dead they have stopped their fighting and jealousy and my enemies have forgotten their rancor.  Therefore I will ascend to heaven and from there I will govern.  My voice will be the ray of lightning ad I will take care of my own.”  And so he did.


Today many of his followers honor him with ceremonies that include dancing and music and Chango in turn takes care of them.  His tools are made of wood and his spirit lives in beautiful, ornate wood bateas that are placed in altars.  His colors are red and white and are represented in necklaces and macutos that are worn and carried for protection. 


Those who love Chango and Saint Barbara honor and invoke their power through many different types of rituals.  Below I bring you a Spiritual Bath that is an offering to their presence and a prayer for their blessings:

Bath offered to Chango / Saint Barbara for Weatlh and Abundance


  1. Melt the sugar until it becomes caramelized
  2. Stick the 4 cinnamon sticks in the apple and pour the caramelized sugar on top
  3. Sprinkle the apple with the caramelized sugar with gold glitter
  4. In a bowl mix 4 teaspoons of each of the perfumes mentioned above
  5. Add the above mixture into the Chango Macho Mystic bath. Place the 4 rose’s  petals in the perfume mixture
  6. Light the red candle and place it in the middle of your altar
  7. On one side of the candle place the apple and on the other side place the perfume mixture with the roses.
  8. Say the following prayer:  Oh powerful Chango, it has never been said that you have turned away anyone that has come to you in faith to ask for your help. Today I come to you powerful Saint Barbara/Chango to empower this bath in your name so that prosperity, love and attraction  shine in my life just like your Ray of lightning light up the Sky.  I ask you humbly in the name of  the powerful creator. Amen
  9. Bathe - Fill up the bath tub with comfortable temperature water.  Pour the Mixture of the perfumes (as described in item number 5 above) into the water.  You are now ready to take your bath.  Make sure you relax and get your hair and every part of your body soaked in the bath water.  Stay in the tub for at least 7 minutes.  Then brush off excess water from your body and air dry  as much as possible.
  10. After the candle is finished take the apple and bury it somewhere in your backyard or in a potted plant.   

Don’t forget to do it with Divina Fe (Divine Faith). 

In Santeria there are Seven Principal Orichas or Gods.  Chango is the Santeria God of Thunder...
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